Stephen King, Embarrassed Mams, Idle Hands and a Loose Jaw.

Do you ever have one of those social media days when you want to write so much about nothing that your friends think you may have teetered over the edge of sanity and even your Mam hides your posts because you’re so uncool? Some days, a Facebook status is nowhere near big enough and Twitter, and its, like, 12 characters are just a joke! Well it is one of those days and, just to warn you, I have absolutely no idea where  I’m going with this post. Ignore me while I roll down the slope of self-indulgence…


I have done ZERO today. That may sound like bliss to a normal person. but to my OCD, that’s hell. Even though I can’t walk at all some days, I still never sit still. I shuffle around on my bum, making whatever bonkers thought flickers through these empty windows in my head. I’m no Blue Peter badge winner, but I can keep myself occupied for hours with a sheet of sticky back plastic and a washing up bottle. However, today, after a week of tiling the kitchen, I just couldn’t function. I would love to say “had a lush day watching TV”. I often say that to kid my Facebook friends into believing I’m actually having fun doing nothing, but today, I had no choice. I’m bruised from a bad fall I had last week, I am full of tile splinters and my legs told me to ‘Jog On’ when I suggested physio exercise. Needless to say, I am wide awake at 3:30am, scrolling through the internet, puffing my cheeks out in negativity, nagging WordPress readers like a dog reading an empty food tin label.


I’m sat here at stupid-o-clock in the morning. watching Running Man. Now, I’d like to think I am a big fan of Stephen King, which was why I decided to watch it, despite my husband’s better judgement, but  I’m about 30 mins in and I want to scream at my TV! Stephen King has mastered some belting adaptations in his time like Stand by Me, Pet Sematary, Carry, Silver Bullet, Christine, Storm of the Century  and of course IT, as well as some not so good like The Shining, The Stand and Dreamcatcher, but this is something else. I’m still yet to enjoy an Arnie film as a grown up, despite being married to a Conan lover, but even he is too good for this nonsense.


Speaking of Stephen King, here is a list of books that I would love for him to adapt or re-adapt:

Silver Bullet: My husband’s all time favourite film. It is perfect as a film in itself, but the novella The Cycle of the Werewolf tells more about the werewolf’s journey, which I feel could have been added into the original.

The Stand: I have seen the mini series of this a few times and each time I cringe at the lack of structure in this telling of one of the greatest novels ever written. I thought that the stars were are terrible choice. To stay true to this enormous story, it deserves a 8 series, rather than the 4, which would have given this drama the edge that King portrays throughout this remarkable journey the story takes us on.

Dreamcatcher. Um. AWFUL!!!

The Shining: Lastly, but probably the one we all hate the most is Stanley Kubrick’s blasphemous massacre of the utterly amazingly written, The Shining. Even King hates this. It is a completely different story what-so-ever. It is nothing but shreds of Stephen King’s Arc Du Triumph and we are all left wanting.


So, there you go. That’s where my head is at I told you it would be nonsense!



Clutching her last cigarette in her trembling hand as she squeezes the smoke like it is air, she recalls that night.


It was the first day of December of ’06 when she realised that the feeling whirling around her stomach was the start of something wonderful. She was in love. Not the love you feel when you meet someone new, but a mature love; a longing for ever after that she felt.She knew he felt it too because he’d told her every day for two whole months. She pictured a future for the three of them. He would make an amazing husband and father…


…And he is. There isn’t as day that passes that she doesn’t  dote on him. He is perfect in every way.


11 years babe. Happy Anniversary.





Judge, Jury and Executioner

This picture sums up what I was talking to my husband about earlier. Since Facebook introduced the ‘reactions’ to our ‘like’ options, I’m finding myself judging posts and news. It has changed what Facebook is to me. I don’t want to be a judge and I don’t want to influence opinions. I think it is dangerous that we are swayed by the opinions of others on Facebook. We are all being twisted into mobs. I wish they would take back the reactions. Let us have our own minds.